About Us

BFFs since preschool, Kim and Jeanne played sports together, traded Orphan Annie stickers, went to Japanese Language School and hung out at Jeanne’s mother’s candy store on the island of Oahu, where they often overdosed on frozen Icees and gummy bears.

Kim lives in Honolulu and works with the disabled and homeless population at a wonderful corporation with wonderful coworkers. In her spare time, she loves to sit quietly and think about all kinds of things, spend time with family, read, write music, sing and play her guitar and spoil her skinny pig, Sammy.

Jeanne lives in Los Gatos, California, where the sun always shines and creativity is admired. She teaches collage art at her studio, Twin Soul Art Studio, and also keeps things organized at Chris Bryant Guitar School with her musically-gifted better half, Chris.

Together, Kim’s and Jeanne’s mission is to spread a positive life perspective via a lovable and unique character named Simon the Skinny Pig. They strongly believe each person is unique and has a special purpose in this world.